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Audiocord, a company specialized in the development, design and manufacture of speaker cabinets & audio amplifiers.

Audiocord was born in 2003 in Mendiolaza, Córdoba, Argentina. It was founded by former engineers of Holimar Buenos Aires.

The goal was to bring to homes and studios High End audio of the best quality at a reasonable price so that everyone could access the best audio quality. This took several years of studying different components from Europe and Asia and selecting those with the best results over the years.

We currently use components manufactured by one of the best in the world, custom-ordered for our designs, to optimize the results and give them our own imprint focused on the highest performance both in recording studios and in private locations.

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Custom audio

Installations and products tailored to your space,
to make your business stand out, evoking sensations
and a unique experience.

Home Serie

High definition audio with the highest quality
components available in the global market.


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